BUNNY 4 COLOR OG12 GRAY Review (from Klenspop)

11:50 AM

Hello guys! today I'm doing my review of the BUNNY 4 COLOR OG12 GRAY from Klenspop! I've also done a review of BUNNY 4 COLOR OG15 GREEN (the green version of this lens), so feel free to check that out too :)

*note* I've also done reviews on Klenspop's packaging and shipping, these lenses came in about 13 days.

Here's the lens design in the bottle! They're very gorgeous, but as you can tell, they're slightly purple, with hints of pink and violet (personally, I was confused, but I realized that these lenses would work very well with people who have COOL UNDERTONED SKIN).

The lenses aren't too pixelated; in real life, I don't think anyone will ever get close enough to see the pixels.

Enlargement: 5/5 As you can tell from the photo, these lenses are very good at enlargement! I actually kind of wish they were smaller because I don't see the point of their color being so natural but the lens being so huge :/ I'd wear it everyday if they were smaller, but that's just my preference.

Comfort: 4/5 I've had more comfortable lenses than these. One of these lenses always sticks a bit to my eye when I put them in (As you can see in these photos, I'm tearing up!). These don't give me any photophobia though, and they don't have any donut effect because the pigmentation of the lens is so good!

Ignore the redness of my eyes: it wasn't because the lenses were uncomfortable, it's because I got some mascara in my eye.

Design/Color: I actually just absolutely love the color and design of these lenses! They're just so natural looking, and the small stripe-ish lines on the lenses make the wearer's eyes look like they actually have blue iris muscles :) They would be more natural if they were smaller though. I also don't think anyone will think they're pink/purple because these colors aren't actually that noticeable.

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