BUNNY 4 COLOR OG15 GREEN Review (from Klenspop)

12:05 PM

Hey Boos! Today I'm doing a review of BUNNY 4 COLOR OG15 GREEN from Klenspop! I got these as well as the BUNNY 4 COLOR OG12 GRAY so make sure to check that out as well c:

*sidenote* These lenses took 13 says to ship. You can read about Klenspop's shipping and packaging here.

Here's the lens in the bottle! As you can see it's kind of strange because it has all these pinks and cyan blues in it. However, these colors are extremely well blended so the lens is actually pretty natural in the eye!

As you can tell from the photo, the lens doesn't have a donut effect thank god. I think this lens is actually very natural looking; the extra pinks and blues are very good for COOL SKIN TONED people and the spots of black make the eyes look like they actually have green muscled irises!

Enlargement: 5/5 As you can tell from the photo below, these lenses are very good for enlargement! The dark black limbal ring is very nice and the colors are super opaque.

One lens in one lens out.

Comfort: 5/5 These lenses were actually pretty comfortable, but they did make me tear up a bit when I put them in. For some reason they were more comfortable than the gray lenses, which I don't think makes sense but I was cool with that. They're also pretty easy to take out so you know.

Here are the lenses up close. As you can tell, they're more of an emerald green than the light green that's on the website (the photo on the website is very overexposed, and I think therefore a bit misleading).  

Over all, I love these lenses, but I wish they came in a smaller diameter because they're too big for everyday wear, let alone to be considered "natural." The colors are blended very nicely despite their size and I love the design :)

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