BUNNY 3 COLOR SWEET3 BROWN (from klenspop) review

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Heyo :D

So I decided to try something new this month, the BUNNY 3 COLOR SWEET3 BROWN and GREY from klenspop c: They're big lenses with dark black rims and bright colors! When I first ordered these, I was nervous and I wasn't sure if I'd like them because of how big they are, but I was really surprised! They look really nice!

Graphic DIA
Using Period
Water Contect
☆Only have plano(0.00)☆ 
1 PAIR (2 pcs) + BONUS CASE

Notice the dark rim and flower like design?

You can read more about klenspop's shipping and packaging here.

Color: 5/5 These are a very vibrant pair of lenses! Needless to say, they're a little bit more red under toned than I would prefer, but they actually give a really big color change despite being a brown lens.

Design: 4/5 The black rim is great and these lenses really make eyes pop and even sparkle a bit :) One thing I don't really like is that you can see the pixels really easily, so they're definitely not natural (not that anyone would buy these wanting to look natural anyway). They make your eyes super dolly though; they're actually really cute from far away, I think they're perfect for photos or cosplay! (scroll to bottom for not-close-up photos).

In direct sun light they're very orange.

You can definitely see the pixels.

Enlargement: 5/5 These aren't as big as the bunny og series, I think the black ring actually makes the eyes look a little smaller. But generally, these are very enlarging lenses: see for yourself in the photo below.

They're really opaque and there's no donut effect!

Comfort: 5/5 Klenspop's Bunny Series (anything with bunny in the name) have always been the most comfy circle lenses I've ever tried! Not to say they don't make my eyes a little red (you can see it in the photos), but they never sting really bad or slide around and irritate.They're so dolly and beautiful!


 Overall: 5/5 I'm really surprised I liked these so much! I thought I wouldn't like these a lot because of how unnatural they are, but they look so nice in photos it's great!

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