BUNNY 3 COLOR SWEET3 GRAY (from klenspop) Review

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So this month, I wanted to try something different from what I normally get from klenspop. This time, I got the BUNNY 3 COLOR SWEET3 GRAY and BROWN, and I wasn't sure what to think because they're pretty big lenses and they have dark black limbal rings. I was kind of intimidated at first, but now, I love them! They look so nice in photos :)

*trying to do the Johanna Herrstedt squint

As you can see, the lens has a very dark limbal ring, and they're quite big!

Graphic DIA
Using Period
Water Contect
☆Only have plano(0.00)☆ 
1 PAIR (2 pcs) + BONUS CASE

It also has a cute flower like design! :)

And the photo look exactly like it does in the bottle so no false advertising!

Color: 5/5 These lenses are probably the most vibrant grey I have tried so far! They're more of a greenish grey than a pure grey or icy blue grey; it has flecks of sesame color tan, which I think ads to it.

Lens is very opaque and has no donut effect.

Enlargement: 5/5 These lenses are very enlarging as you can see in the photo below :) They're not as big as the bunny og series though, but they're still very enlarging!

Comfort: 5/5 Klenspop's Bunny series never falls short! Anything on the klenspop with the name bunny in it has always been very comfortable for me, so I'd love to try more of their bunny series'!

Design: 4/5 You can always see the pixels on these, and the black rim can make you look very bug eyed without any makeup on. Not that I bought these to look natural, but It would be cool if I could find a lens that's both vibrant and natural xD

 Looking kind of bug eyed.

Overall: I love these lenses, especially for someone who wasn't expecting to like such unnatural lenses, these really might get me hooked! I'm so satisfied by them! <3


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