Ellen Panda Blue Contacts Review (from Klenspop)

6:13 PM

VavaVoooom :)

So I gotta start off with the packaging of Klenspop's Ellen Panda Blue because the bottle is totally adorable :D

They're little panda bottles! How cute c: Klenspop always has really cute packaging which is great eyecandy for my contact wearing eyes.

Design: Here's the lenses in the bottle. Immediately, you can see that they're HUGE lenses (14.8 mm/14.5 fraphic mm), with cyan blue streaks, a choco brown rim, and grey lines running across the area where the iris lies. The design looks pretty in the bottle, however, I'm not so sure if I love them as much on the eyes.

First off to be warned, they're darker than displayed on the website. Like way darker. In the photo below, I'm wearing the blue lenses on the left eye and the brown lenses on the right. I think I actually prefer the brown lenses because they're a bit brighter and the streaks are more noticeable! The lens also has an obvious donut/halo effect, as you can very much see the whites of my eyes through the lens because the lenses aren't very opaque.

Comfort: Klenspop always has very comfortable lenses, and I found these to be just as comfortable as always :) They were actually still very easy to get on despite being HUGE lenses: 14.8 mm/14.5 graphic mm.

These lenses are definitely more for the dolly effect verses the natural/color changing. I think they're beautiful! However, more elaborate makeup may be required to make the wearer look less bug eyed, so definitely don't buy these to wear for everyday, no makeup days. They're almost a bit alieny. 

Here the donut effect and the lens's design is quite visible. What do you guys think?

Photos of Ellen Panda Blue:

Comment down below: would you buy these lenses? Also read about the Ellen Panda Brown Lenses because they're better lol.

Bebe Beanie :)

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