Ellen Panda Brown Contacts (from Klenspop)

6:13 PM

Scooobyy doooooo how are you boos? :)

This week's review is on Klenspop's Ellen Panda Brown lenses, which are HUGEEEE just to get that out there before we even start. They're 14.8 mm/14.5 graphic mm, and they have an interesting, starburst kind of design.

The bottles are so cute! They have little pandas on them :)

Design: The lens, as you can see, has a brown ring with brown, grey, and hazel-ish lines running over it. The lens is very big, and the stripes of the lenses are spaced quite far apart. Right off the bat, you can tell these lenses won't be very natural, however, it's a very pretty design!

Here's the blue lens and the brown side by side. I personally prefer the brown lens right off the bat; it's surprisingly lighter than the blue, and if anything, I think the brown lenses are closer to a hazelish grey vs a brown. However, these lenses, as they are very big, do have quite a halo/donut effect on the eyes.

Sorry for the out of focus but I won't be taking another one unless requested lol. Out of focus or not, you can very much see the while halo around my pupil, as the lens is not fully pigmented enough to cover the whites of the eyes.

Comfort: Klenspop is known for their comfortable lenses, so I had no problem with these. I did however think that the lenses were a bit to dull to be striking and way too huge to be natural. They really give off that dolly eyed look though!

Enlargement: Obviously ten out of ten because these things make me look bugeyed xD As much as I love the interesting design, I don't think I'll be wearing them outside much.

Photos of Ellen Panda Brown:

What do you think? Read about the Ellen Panda Blue too because you want to :3

Bebe Beanie :)

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