Madonna Violet Circle Lens Review (from Klenspop)

10:58 AM

Hey boos :)

So Klenspop has really been stocking up on colorful lenses, and I decided to get the Madonna violet lenses to review. The photos on the website were super gorgeous and the graphic diameter wasn't too big, so I thought I'd try the lenses out. Here's the lens details:

Graphic DIA
Using Period
Water Contect
There are no -0.25,
-5.25, -5.75
1 PAIR (2 pcs) + BONUS CASE

* Special Note: I ordered these lenses along with the Bunny LF3 Pink, and both should have come with a free case. However I only received one case for both lenses. I personally don't mind that much, and I've ordered from Klenspop sooooo many times and this is the first time a mess up has happened, but I thought I'd just make an honest note about it :)

Here they are! As you can tell, they're really dark lenses, not much of a violet, more like an indigo.

This is the packaging! It's different from the normal boxes Klenspop normally sends, and I think I like these better! They're kinda chic :)

This is the lens in the bottle. As you can see, it's already very dark, and the purple is subtle.

Let's quickly talk about the packaging for Madonna brand lenses (the jar on the right). I think the packaging is SOOO cute, I might even keep these jars actually, lol.

Design: 4/5 These lenses are almost natural! The purple is super subtle, so I don't think anyone will notice immediately that your eyes are purple (they'll probably notice that your eyes have changed color though). The enlargement is pretty minimal too, which I think helps with the naturalness of the lenses.

My natural eye color is on the right. As you can see, the lens is almost the same shade in terms of darkness; it just adds a tinge of color to my eyes :)

Comfort: These lenses are unfortunately the wrong base curve for my eyes (so it's not the lens itself, it's just that I'm in compatible with the lenses). Klenspop always has very comfortable lenses, so I'd say these lenses will be very comfortable for someone with the base cure of 8.6.

The lens has no halo affect, which is good.

Overall: I really like how subtle these lenses are! If they fit me better, I might even say that these are everyday lenses! I think these would look good on all eye colors, and they're great for anyone who just wants a pop of color.

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