Avoiding GMO and Paraben Filled Skincare (Vegan Skincare)

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Yoohoo :)

So I personally use the Night Cream and the Hydrating Day Cream and they've been working very well for my combination oily skincare routine! The formula is super light and the product skins into skin very well (it doesn't just sit there, like some moisturizers). It smells really nice, but it's not scented, and it Eco-friendly! Not to mention, Derma-E, our Vegan-friendly skincare brand, is having a new packaging update. It's looking totally sleek and chic with a white and blue design and it can be bought at Whole Foods, Sprouts, Ulta, etc. The formulation is still the same, so the product still works wonders!

I really wanted to share this brand with you guys because I personally have a lot of rough time finding the right moisturizer for my oily, acne prone skin. I have a lot of moisturizers that just sit like a layer of oil on my skin (ew), and Derma-E has been very successful at creating formulations that my skin can absorb well. Not to mention, I know it's very difficult for skincare users to find Eco-friendly brands because their options can be very limited. Derma-E, however, is a great solution!

TIP: apply the moisturizer after you shower. After your skin has been in the steam, all your pores are open, and will therefore absorb the product better :)

Derma-E is cruelty free, GMO free, Gluten free, Soy free, Recyclable, and Wind Energy Run. The Brand is such a win win! And our skin's gonna look great! :D

See you later my lovelies :)

Stay glowing,

Bebe Beanie

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