Gold Eyes and Gold Clay Mask!?

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Hey y'all!

So I've been thinking that if I were to have any theme for this month, it'd definitely be gold! I've been using two gorgeous golden products that I can't wait to share with you guys :) One of the products I've been using is this mask; I've been using it for more than a month now and I just had to tell you guys about it because it's easily my favorite mask (and I've tried many). As you can see in the photo below, it's the skin detoxifying clay mask by Valentia and it has the cutest white and gold packaging :). The other golden product that I've been loving are these golden lenses from LensFlavors. They're called the EOS sparkle gold!

The lenses from Lens Flavors came with these hair velcros and a lens case!

As you can see, the lenses are actually mostly clear, with a little gold tint! I'm not sure how these look on lighter eyes, but they definitely add a super nice shine to my dark brown eyes that are both subtle and gorgeous!

Here's what they look like! I'd say the photo is a pretty accurate representation of what the lenses look like in real life. The photo was taking in natural sunlight. It's a bit more noticeable in real life; it's indescribable! These lenses are perfect for day time and I had people asking to look at the shiny gold in my eyes!

Here's a photo of the lenses at a brighter exposure for purposes of being able to see the design better. The lenses are super natural and it looks like someone spilled glitter in their eyes!

The comfort is average. I've had more comfortable lenses, but these are on the more comfortable side of the lenses I've worn. They're very thin, and they have a base curve of 8.8 (which is great, because that's my base curve!). 

Obviously these lenses aren't circle lenses, so they aren't going to enlarge your eyes. I did notice however, that these lenses are good for all eye diameters: it's made to be slightly larger so that for smaller eyes, the gold will be invisible on the white parts of your eye, so that it can also fit larger irises as well. Overall, I love these lenses! They're just so natural but noticeable, and they're super feminine. I'll be wearing these all month!

See how the lenses give a white ish sparkle to my black/darkbrown eyes? I think it's super pretty and it catches the natural light very well! (It won't show up well in the dark). The lenses didn't make my eyes goldish brown which was what I was expecting them to look like, but this is even more natural than I anticipated!

Here are photos from further away (click on the photos to enlarge them). As you can see, they're not a bright gold; since the lens is mostly clear, my eyes are still the same color as before, but with a little sparkle!. Overall, I give these lenses a 10/10, because they're super natural, noticeable (up close people saw the sparkles), and super comfortable!

So besides the gold lenses, there's also the gold packaged mask. How the mask works is that you apply it all over your face and let it dry for 10-15 minutes. When it dries, it turns white in the clear areas and slighty greyish around the areas where the mask has been picking up dirt and oil, usually in tiny clusters around the pores.

It's a white clay mask and it has little fibers and granules that gently exfoliate your skin as you wash it off. Normally I hate physical exfoliants and I only use chemical exfoliants, but the exfoliators in this mask are so gentle that I have no problem with them.

The mask has really been helping me as I have

-Combination skin.

Over time, using this mask, I've noticed that it has been helping to control the oil on my forehead. My face always feels really nice after usage, and it's been glowing! Just makes sure to moisturize your face after you use this mask! I'm personally super happy with my results :)

 Bebe Beanie

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