Ellen Panda PM 13 Green Lenses

4:09 PM

Hey guys! So today I'm gonna be reviewing the Ellen Panda Green lenses in PM 13 :)

Design: These lenses have a dark limbal ring and are a dark green color. They give off quite a dolly look as they're not very natural, but they're great for ulzzang makeup and cosplay :)

I have to say they're not very opaque: they're quite light in the bottle, and my eyes are very dark, so they don't appear half as light as they do on the website. (They're obviously photoshopped on the website, the lenses are way more exposed to the lighting than the model is).

They came in these adorable little boxes :) You can read more about klenspop's new packaging here.

The lenses are quite comfortable, but they're 8.6 base curve, which is quite tight on my 8.8 bc eyes. They don't make my eyes super red, which is definitely appreciated. I assume these are called PM lenses because you should wear them at night? I don't know, because I feel like if you wore these at night, they would look no different from black circle lenses since the color is so hard to see. Overall, I think these are very gorgeous lenses, but not if you're looking for an iconic green.

They also have a very very very slight halo effect which you can see above. Just something to take note of :)

What do you guys think?

Comment down below :)

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