EXY 3 Color Gray Circle Lens Review (from klenspop)

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Hey boos! So this has been a really high requested review: It's the EXY 3 color grey lenses! These are very natural, gorgeous lenses and I was very interested in finding out for you guys if the hype is real.

Design: As you can see, the design is very sheer with no black ring. The inside is a little hazel ring. The lenses are 14.0 mm in diameter, however, the graphic diameter is 13.2 mm in diameter, meaning it has little to no enlargement and an extremely natural appearance! :)

Color: I love the color: it's actually a bit lighter than here in the photos, however, it's still very sheer and natural. People definitely noticed my eye color change (not everyone, but a good amount did), however, most people pointed out that my eyes were green, not grey like the lens name.

Comfort: There's one problem with these lenses: they pupil hole is way too small. I can see out of them perfectly fine, however, they just slightly cover my pupils just the slightest bit to the point where it's noticeable. Also, these lenses slide around a lot to the point where every time I blink or smile, I can feel them shifting around in my eye. As much as I love the color, I don't think I'll be wearing these everyday because of this comfort issue :C

Do you like my no makeup face :)

As you can see the lenses look almost natural :P (No makeup eyelashes are credited to oil moisturizing and skin improvement is credited to solvaderm products :3)

Overall: I still love these lenses, but I would probably love them more and wear them everyday if they fit my comfort standards! I'll definitely be wearing these out when I want to have a slight eye color change, but a subtle one.

Thanks for the lenses klenspop!

So what do you guys think? Worth the hype?

Bebe Beanie

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