What Your Skin Routine is Lacking

11:46 AM

It's almost embarrassing to explain to my friends my ten million step skincare routine after they ask, "How is your skin so nice?" What they're really trying to ask is "What are you doing with your skin that I'm not and how can I do it?"

Fear not my friends, this is what you're missing out on.

The secret is: 
  1. Taking of your Neck and Decolletage,
  2. Hands,
  3. and Wearing Sun Screen!
That simple? It's got to be something else, right? Well, people don't do it so they wouldn't know!

The first three places that show aging are your hands, neck, and face. Most people moisturize their face religiously so that's not much of a big deal anymore. But what about the rest of your body? People often abuse their neck and their hands. Usually because they don't like the feel of lotion on their fingers and their neck is a difficult region to take care of. And also sunscreen! Sunscreen blocks damaging UV rays, but most people don't like thick sunscreens that make their skin oily.

Fear not!

Sunscreens are often oily because they are American formulated. I recommend using an East Asian Brand for sunscreen, because their skin care is more advanced in the sunscreen region (specifically Japanese sunscreen); while Americans are getting tan, Asians are trying to protect their skin from the sun. Americans are spending money making tanning lotion and Asians are spending money on better sunscreens. Let me know if you guys would like a post about non-greasy sunscreens :) I also recommend NeoStrata's neck cream. It's one of the few neck creams that doesn't feel gross on and isn't too thick. I also use it on my hands.

It comes in a little shiny box and it has really simple directions.

Just twice a day :)

That's about it guys! Let me know if this helps <3


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