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Hey guys! So today's review is of beauty eyes fresh violet! The first thing I noticed about these is that the packaging is different from normal :3 It's very chic!

One side of the packaging is red and the other side is black; the boxes are also smaller because the lenses are not contained in a jar.

The thing about big eye lenses is that they don't come with the little yellow tweezers and complementary lens case.

The blue lenses in their box :)

And the purple ones :) (which would not pose for the camera no matter how many times I shook it)

(Blue lens in left eye, violet lens in right)

Design: These lenses are purple with a hazel ish brown on the inside corner and no black limbal ring. The lenses are 14.4 mm with a 14.0 mm graphic diameter, making them pretty enlarging to the point where they're not entirely natural, but not entirely a new level of alien.

Color: Here are the violet lenses at my brightest camera exposure. What do you think? I personally think theses lenses are a little bit too dark to be noticeable, and since they're an unnatural color, I feel like they should be more bright. However, these lenses are actually quite gorgeous, and to say the least, I think I like them better than the blue version (review of the blue version here)

Enlargement: These lenses are a really good enlargement size to be dolly and not alien/bug eyed/reptile looking. They're actually really subtle, almost natural; is that strange for purple lenses? Lol who knows.

Comfort: Easy to put in. Easy to take out. Easy to wear. Cute :) enough said

Overall: I think these lenses actually really fit the name well: Beauty-eyes. They're exceptionally natural and they give slight enlargement, they have subtle color and they're easy to put in and take out! I wasn't sure how I thought about them at first, but they've definitely grown on me!

Would recommend :D

What do you guys think?

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